Let’s be clear:

“He” is not me.

My sweet wife, Nesit, is scrumptiously real!

But a Japanese guy (pics at the end) went for a silicone doll after an unsatisfying marriage.

You might guess how the “relationship” started. The 3-letter word starts with “S”… and ends with “X.”

Who says there aren’t any quality men left? lol

Joking aside, let’s look at this in a heart-centered human way.

Like most of us, he just wanted to feel love and companionship. And this was the way that worked for him.

He could’ve probably found that with a real woman if he worked with a coach like me, but so be it.

The same could be said of most women…

They’re filling “the void” with other ways to feel love and companionship.

Not usually silicone dolls (no judgment here), yet if what they’re doing works, great.

How about you? You wouldn’t be on this list if you found a satisfying alternative to being with The One, would you?

Getting clear on exactly what you want in him and with him is the tricky part.

That’s where Module 1 of my How to Attract Your Soulmate in Your Spare Time course comes in mighty handy. I guide you to clarity step by step with videos and worksheets.

This is the same process that got my first client her Mr. Right in only 4 months.

Best yet, you can get it free here for now.

To sharing your life with The One,


P.S. Here’s the article with pics about the Japanese guy and his silicone girlfriend.