Has anyone told you “Happy new year” yet?

Well, good. 🙂

All those feel-good vibes pep up your man-ifesting mojo.

The challenge is, when the new year isn’t new anymore.

That’s when people stop going to the gym every week again.

That’s when the kind cards and notes don’t land in your mailbox as much.

That’s when “This just isn’t a good time for dating” can crowd out your desire for Mr. Right.

Not that you have to go on a thousand dates anyway. That’s the brute force way. My system has never been about that.

But, like almost anything else, consistency is key. And dating is part of that (which can be fun when you’re going out with quality, good men).

So how do you keep the momentum going?

The people who succeed in the gym are still going in July because they have a clear plan.

Same with soulmate attraction. It all sounds so airy-fairy until you have a plan.

No, it’s not perfectly comparable to doing three sets of tricep presses with eight reps each.

The process isn’t quite that clearcut and it feels more emotionally vulnerable.

But all the more reason for a step-by-step approach, right?

The methodical way is how you keep your vibration high, which fast-forwards your man-ifesting.

Is that what you want this year?

Then pick up my How to Attract Your Soulmate in Your Spare Time course. It’ll start your new 2017 off well — and keep it going well.

To sharing your life with The One,


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