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Want FREE Live One-on-One Help from Me to Attract Your Mr. Right (or Clarify if You're With Mr. Right)? Limited Spots Available...

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If you’ve decided that being with your Mr. Right is an urgent priority -- to cuddle up with at night, watch movies with, go for walks together hand-in-hand, or whatever you dream about --  you might be right for working with me one-on-one in a FREE 90- to 120-minute Soulmate Attraction Blueprint Session (a $447 value).

Here’s some of the clarity you’ll walk away with after this session…

  • Your top must-haves and deal-breakers, which will help you filter out Mr. Wrongs and attract Mr. Right faster than ever before
  • What age and stage of life your dream guy really is (hint: this may easily be different than who you’ve been dating!)
  • Core values and deeply-held beliefs that’d perfectly complement you for blissfully lasting partnership
  • Your #1 biggest block to attracting your soulmate
  • Your most important next steps to make yourself magnetic to your Mr. Right, and how to get more help from me to finally attract true love

Why offer you all of this for FREE?

Great question. The answer is simple...

I know a good number of women will want paid coaching, to help them put the clarity an plans we come up with during the sessions into consistent action.

Win-win overall.

(In case you're wondering, you'll only hear about paid coaching options at the end if it even makes sense to talk about them. And you can say "No, thanks" with no weirdness or issues. We'll still be friends.)

So, to apply for your Soulmate Attraction Blueprint Session (a $447 value), just answer the questions below the best you can, and hit the "Submit" button. I will then review your answers. If you seem like a good candidate, you'll first receive a schedule request for a 10-minute phone call to clarify a bit more.

If there's a good fit, we'll then schedule you for a Soulmate Attraction Blueprint Session. I only do 3 sessions per week, so I can only work with the most qualified candidates.

(Remember though: The more you share, the more likely you are to be chosen and the deeper we can go when we talk.)

'Soulmate Attraction Blueprint' Session Pre-Qualification Questionnaire